• Determination of total water hardness
    Chemsolute® test kit in a practical suitcase

    We have added a practical innovation to our CHEMSOLUTE® range: With the CHEMSOLUTE® test kit in a practical suitcase, you always have everything you need to determine the total hardness of water.

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  • Saliva Antigen Test Kit for 2019-nCoV
    (Colloidal Gold)

    New in our product line: the immunochromatographic assay for the rapid, qualitative detection of coronavirus antigen from saliva samples. The test kit contains all necessary materials and can be used by healthcare professionals anywhere.

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  • RNase-ExitusPlus™ and DNA-ExitusPlus™
    Panreac AppliChem

    Reliably remove RNase or DNA and RNA contamination from surfaces.
    For cleaning of laboratory surfaces, PCR work stations and equipment, electrophoresis equipment, pipettes, reaction tubes etc.

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